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A perfect Sunday

April 8, 2010

Sunday was amazing. Our SallylTeam Splat! (that is how you type it by the way.. TeamSplat! ) rider Sally not only did brilliantly racing but she got third in B grade. A brilliant brilliant effort. Its her 3rd race meeting ever and she rode like a pro. Have a look. here
On this facebook page you will find a little photo essay by Sally’s partner Bryce. Says it all really. Utterly wonderful result. Brilliant The racing was in ludicrously windy and unfriendly conditions. I didn;t race, not having paid my license. The conditions were OK but barely. Luckily another brilliant days racing at BBN with no one binning it.

I have a occasional gig working for Monash in the city. Last night it got annoying and I ended up bringing some data entry (urghhh) stuff home to finish off. Hopefully I get paid for it. Still not finished. Not happy about that But on the PN front. Test website is up and happening. So far everything works. A little issue about content as we have yet to get the clients permission to actually use his content. Have been dummying up stuff but that is really not the best way to go. So I am still waiting to hear on that. Its up. Its exactly as it looks on our LAN. Not that it should not be. Kathys ozpost interface is obviously working. Just brilliant. Very very happy about that

What I should do is start porting our PN website to plone. We should do that. Plone is actually a better platform, even if we don;t need most of the extra.s Its only extra work after all. “Sigh’

Egads A Blog

April 8, 2010

So now PerfectNotes has a blog. Or more correctly I guess… we shall have to see how it pans out in practice.. Dave has a blog under the name PerfectNotes. My nom de plume of Percrime was vetoed by management as being far too unprofessional.. although its widely known for published content.. and not entirely for drivel and so should have pushed PN up a little bit in the search engines. Sigh. Political correctness gone mad.. again.

Ahhh Well. The idea is to use these pages for all the musings.. ponderings and even useful stuff that do not really belong on a web site. For example at some point tonight I shall start setting up the online Plone site for testing the GetPaid stuff. I shall be setting it up on an ABOC server. The experimental site (well sites really) on our LAN are actually running exactly as expected. But I need the practice in setting up sites and we need to test it live. Where its actually talking to the banks and so on. We are waiting a customers authorization to actually use a copy of their live site because its easier than throwing something together. But the issues to installing and setting up a new site on a live server containing many sites.. are.. well not worrying.. done stuff like this before, but worthy of caution shall we say? So what will take several hours tonight will take 11 seconds this time next week. Also have to carefully check all the required packages for GetPaid have been installed.. No biggie. But now I get to muse on it in public.

And now the blog and website are properly linked . linked We like this.

Hello world!

April 8, 2010

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!