Oopses and not oopses

Yesterday I got everything I planned done except setting up the GetPaid test site on ABOC. This mornings job.

We realized at some point yesterday that some images on a client site had truly vanished.. it was not the minor connection hiccup we thought. Much worried testing followed because we had been working on that server and in fact probably no one else was and now these images were not there. It was a Plone site and Kathy eventually determined that a couple of folders containing images were missing. The images were (or rather were not) still in the file structure of the Plone site install but not in Data.fs which usually contains all of a Plone site site. Interesting. The folders were gone. Data recovery on a remote machine in the US is somewhat problematical. It seemed likely it was something we had done.. or a hell of a coincidence. Went back a couple of days in the logs and found nothing.. tho I will have another look today. Big Big problem. How to explain to the client. Luckily we had a backup and fixed it. But it all took a while. Stressful afternoon

Secret training session on Blackburn velo in the dark. Sally on her new bike.. me on the Alchemy and JAC on her.. er Kona?
A couple of pics of that are going up on the Team Splat page on FB.

So today the test site goes up

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