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I have a new car

April 23, 2010

Interesting week. Our development test site for our shopping portal is up. And no I cannot tell you exactly where.. except by individual request. We are using a copy of a client plone site for this.. thank you we really do appreciate it, and their permission was conditional on us not spreading it widely around. I guess they are sort of right in that we can possibly expect to break it a couple of times … but in fact the software runs. Anyway our test copy.. labeled test copy in many many places is in a secret hidden location running on a secret and hidden web server on a secret and hidden (and very odd) port.

We broke it during the week when an update to Kathy,s Aus_Post_Shipping module broke the thing. This is after all what a development site is for. So that we can see if changes actually do what they should. Be nice if MS occasionally tested updates before releasing them. I have had more than one MS release break things in a major major way without much evidence of testing. Anyway its sorted. You can put your web site up.. put stuff on it.. mark it to sell, sell it and send it off by Auspost… and all that stuff works. Working as we speak to run it over SSL which is er.. a security thing… much much safer on SSL. Its going to work with VISA Amex and PayPal for a start… and ship via OzPost. or you work the shipping out yourself. Not bad for a start. SSL running sometime tonight I expect.

So if you want a plone website come to us. I,ll update the PN website later.

During the week I had to go into town to do a course. Am a qualified fire marshal now.. go figure? Anyway. on the way back I was riding down Wellington Rd Collingwood. Got run into the curb by the fool in the RAV4 infront as without any indication at about 2 kph he veered into the very heavily trafficked bike lane.. rolled along oblivious to the thumps on his boot.. and eventually hooked down a side street. To find me propped in the parking spot he wanted a few hundred metres further on. He claimed to have not seen me. I believe him. Clearly on drugs. Clearly on mobile. And clearly stupid. Why oh why do we let em breed?

I picked up another car during the week also. A subie. Is nice. And so far shows no signs of sucking my brains out. Its not the machinery that makes people stupid. Its really a bit sad. Mind you driving to and from track tonight I saw some astonishing idiots A bloke pulled out from a parking stop in front of another.. propped oblivious to the near miss.. pottered off eventually to much blaring of horns and finally turned left without ever looking in any direction except straight ahead. Must be the rain. Maybe.