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Well that was a scarey weekend.

April 27, 2010

Not an awful lot sorted on the work front. ABOC does a lot of secure plone sites.. the SSL stuff is complicated with a dozen different apache servers and a lot more than that virtual hosts happening. I think its sorted.. still waiting for Carl to get back to me on that. My customer with the Telstra issues rang earlier today and (sigh) they still have not come out and tagged the frame. Maybe the rules have changed and no one has told me . Or the telecomunications ombudsman for that matter. Emailing BICSI is on the list of jobs for the day now.

I found a friend from uni a job working for a client. Just trying to be nice. Only after did I consider how easily that could turn around and bite us. Maybe I ought to rethink looking out for people. It certainly sometimes seems a little one sided.

I fixed a phone for a client on the public holiday. Negotiated another job from him too. At a not very favorable rate. Ah well he is a mate and it is work

Much more happened on the non work front

This past Sunday was Anzac day. An early trip to the dawn service. At the local RSL this time. Rode the bikes down. MInd you even turning into the carpark of a quiet RSL at 5am some arrogant pratt in a 4wd just drove up and assumed we would get the hell out of his way. Sheesh. Depressing really. Mind you the same bloke was real friendly when he caught us while walking to the service. I don’t much trust people like that. If you are an arrogant pratt behind the wheel or when drunk.. that is who you are. The rest of the time you are better at hiding it is all

I and Sally went to DISC on the sunday night for secret ABOC training. I organized to pick Sally and her track bike from the train which was of course late. Getting there.. I had to borrow tires from Carl.. and then onto the track. First time on wood. It was TERRIFYING, And I have ridden on velodromes half my life. Had a slide in the first 10 metres on my borrowed tires and lost my confidence. Even found it surprisingly hard to take off in a fixie from a rail on the left side. And straight into paceline stuff. Talk about thrown in at the deep end. Still aint been up all the way to the rail but wow.. the confidence in the tires grew.. At one point I overtook Sally overtaking someone well over the blue line. What a rush.

Sally had a fall. The only one of the night I think. When she ducked down to dodge someone (a mutual friend ) coming down on her (which means in this context not what you non cyclists might think) and onto the painted concrete and down. Christened her new track bike. And was somewhat annoyed.

What a great night. Mondays training ride, the Mailing Room Ride (MRR) Alpine Tour of the Suburbs double that traditionally occurs on Anzac day holiday was by contrast almost boring. Managed to stay up the sharp end.. manage 3rd up the KOM on Belmore hill and a second up the Col du Burgandy. Not bad for an old sod. Sally came along too. She said sleeping hurt too much (after her fall ) and she might as well ride. Tougher than a $5 T bone steak that girl. She went on to do another 60 odd klicks with her husband Bryce after. Such a star. The ride started with about 20. About 8 went the distance. High attrition rate for some reason.

This week.. final testing for Plone shopping portals I hope. Some site migrations. Telstra (Urk) Some other stuff