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Telstra and going postal

April 28, 2010

It is so hard to deal with these people. Still chasing up that customers Fax line. I,ll swear its not in the cabinet.. but I am not going to triple test everything again. Telstra swear it is. Its not tagged. Its supposed to be tagged. I checked with BICSI and the regulatory Authority ACMA and yes that is exactly what they are supposed to do. I have a complaint in to Telstra by email because their helldesk is an impenetrable wall, and impossible to deal with. I have no doubt that is by design. I have a formal complaint in at ACMA and I shall be putting one in to the Telecommunications Ombudsman. So much time wasted. But so long as its not Telsta,s time the profit rolls in. And the country and everyone else can go hang.

Between that medieval witch Senator Censorship and the warm caring backbone monopoly that is Telstra the country is being held back a lot. We have stone age internet speeds and high costs compared to the rest of the world..and Telstra itself has PR managers that must have learned their trade in the Waffen SS in War 2. Its really really annoying. Telstra itself is too annoying. Lets break it up and sell of the bits. Maybe , just maybe that will larn em.

Note to late night bike commutors. If you have 24 thousand lumans of nuclear driven LED,s on your helmets, so that you may vaporise any wayward car that crosses your path.. please please please.. avoid looking at me on a bike path as I go the other way. I know not looking defeats the point of having all that light ( tho millions of car drivers seem to manage just that) but do not do it. My aging eyes cope less well with the shock than they used to and I can see nada afterwards. I can escalate my own light defense systems… replace them with similar technology and put them on my helmet you know but… MAD worked as a concept during the Cold War becoause no one actually pushed the button if you see the problem?

Helmet Lights