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Now that was a ‘good’ friday

April 30, 2010

Yesterday was not so good. Have done a lot of research for a particular client figuring out what he had and where it was and well, he apparently found a better offer. Ahhh well. And then today Kathy greeted me with a “We have finally made it.. our first bad debt”. A client had gone under. Well what can you say?

But the rest of the day? Client contacts Telstra “Well my technician has a complaint in at the Telecommunication’s Ombudsman . Telstra “Well lets not be hasty, let me see how we can help you” Woot. Technician between 8:00 and 11:00 Monday. Some work still to do for that client. And guess when I am going to be doing it?

Note that I have nothing against Telstra Techs. On the contrary.. unlike telstra management and anyone anywhere involved with a Telstra helpdesk these people are generally useful. At the worst they deserve to live. Telstra management on the other hand? Any hitchhiker fans out there? Remember what happened to the truly useless? The same fate awaits Telstra helldesk people, senior management, and people wot go broke owing us money.

Figured out the clients maileserver, added new users, invented weird and amusing passwords, set up a new desktop, migrated user files and mailboxes, lotsa mailboxes, did some cabling to standards, and some conducting, discovered that a friend I had set up with a job with that client is likely to work out . (BIG WOOOT) showed off my new macbook, got given a couple of shirts from the client…. nice shirts,,, his own label. Mental note to link to his web page with pics if its OK with him . And got to drive my lovely new car around. A great day. I is happy. I have a happy client. Woot.

Pics, I need pics. Where the hell is the digital?