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May 3, 2010

So today I was at clients place at 7:50. So was Telstra Tech. Client turned up at 8:20 :D.
It took the tech 2 minutes to have the service enabled and tagged. I barely bothered to check it was done.. I have the greatest respect for Telstra Techs I ran a cable.. talked about solutions to another client issue.. run another cable in the next day or so.. patched the tagged line to the crossconnect 20 pair.. and then to the antique frame in another room and a phone socket. Woot. Works. Easy peasy. Exactly as it should have what 3 visits and several hours ago? Ahhh Telstra you are a boon to my productivity.. NOT. Still in those visits I pretty much got the place set up as the client wanted.

Happy customer. I like. I really do like to see customers happy, makes me feel worthwhile. He might not be so happy when he gets the bill. But obviously its impossibly unfair to sting him for all the time Telstra wasted… we will just both bite the bullet a bit I guess. Still have no email following up on Telstra,s follow up that I posted earlier. Hmmmm. An email to ask if I am happy with the service? What do you think the chances are?

I went and trained with ABOC at DISC last night.. my second go on wood. Way way way way less scary.. And I went up to the rail. Well once. Woot. Mind you the track bike managed a flat in the car on the way to DISC. And I replaced that tube with one with a slow leak. Which I discovered when it started squealing on the painted line. 15 foot up at 45 degrees. Well at least I know how these tires behave on wood with a slow leak

And since I got home late.. was up early.. bike was still in the car. Somehow managed to flatten both tires while in the car? Hmmmm. This does require investigation. I am so happy with my riding at DISC tho.. what a thrill. Now to try going fast. Woooot

Tonight.. at Monash, Which is a reguar gig. Installing new printer.. putting equipment away. Ahhhhh exitement.