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Wins and losers

May 10, 2010

A couple of good wins with clients over the week. And a couple of backup solutions to investigate. I was hoping to get to them over the weekend but did not happen. Training of both sorts got in the way

Client server died Thursday. Power supply (a good one) protected by a UPS and a modern one at that still managed to fail The replacement had the new style ATX connector with the 4 extra pins.. but in ONE PIECE. In other words you could not disconnect the 4 extra pins. First time I have seen that. Bloody Gigabyte making their hardware non backwardly compatible. Took it back to the shop.. easy walking distance. The shop guys first words were “Bloody hell, first time I have seen
that;…. idiots” New power supply sorted and eventually the machine came back up 😀 Some intervening drama’s of course. The business owner is a lovely bloke… but er.. intense probably describes him well. He has a great staff and a very happy workplace I think.

Another customers workplace network is finally the way he wanted it.

We need to push for more clients. And I need to push on with the web dev stuff

More training at DISC last night. It was Mothers Day. Does anyone else think that Mothers Day is the most lethal day to be on the road? I did a Time Trial once at Diggers Rest on Mothers Day. Quiet country roads.. not much traffic.. and rather than getting tooted once a month by some fat git in a Landcrusher who thinks its I who am a waste of space, every second car.. no more that that, either tooted.. shaved really close or both. One shaved past me and then stopped at the next control to complain about cyclists on “his ” road. Took off before I got there or my TT would have ended on a high note and his ‘Mothers Day’ on a low. So today.. driving was pretty dodgy.. way more than the normal percentage of loons out there. On the way back from the mandatory visit to mum “Sorry mum.. gotta go train” we went to the Sunday ABOC coaching session. Where I met up with another Team Splat! rider well known sprinter Sally Cloke

I managed to enter the high banking at one point at far too slow a speed trying to dodge a slower rider. I had plenty of room.. pure misjudgment. The motorcycle (used for motor paced training) was coming up behind in the sprinters lane with a paceline of half a dozen riders behind it. The girl who blocked me was about a metre above the blue line and I was well under it and traveling too fast to dive into the infield.. the painted concrete is about a slippery as tram tracks, and too slow to make it around the corner without falling on top of the motorcycle

nicked of web DISC motor paced pic

Had to point it up hill and accelerate hard and it all worked :D.

Did gate starts where a machine holds you for a countdown and you have to sprint. One girl got it wrong.. never pedaled and as the clamp released fell straight over. Then it was my turn. Actually was unworried.. have done about a million held starts.. and figured “how difficult could it be” The answer; not very. Easy peasy Another thing I have not done before is now nailed. Starting to get much much more confident on wood. If the fear factor the first time was 100 we are down around 5 by now. Except for the aforementioned moment of silliness. Getting there.

In the interest of spreading a little happiness to all.. and with a subtle sense of apology for the terrorizing of the underaged asian lancer driver who tried to inflict harm on me at one intersection and ended up with me hanging shit on his (totally incompetent ) driving and (possibly undeservedly) his sexual and personal habits at no less than 4 red lights through Box Hill on friday night.. this little gem is provided to add a small niceness to your day