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May 16, 2010

This one is a bit overdue. Its been a tough long week. Quite a lot of the not well paid.. but reliable Monash work, which I like cos of its consistency, and because its in the CBD with executive bike parking, hence a built in 50 klicks of training a day. Monash was both days this weekend… although it was actually no fun at all today with failures to the buildings auto lock system. Anyway…

I read this article the other week. I may have mentioned it in an earlier post. Much searching has failed to find the bloody thing. It was a properly referenced bit of scientific research. I think. Sorta hard to prove that when I cannot find the article though. Sigh.

Anyway this study purported to show why the more you know about a subject the less positive you can be about that subject. Oh dear that was not all that clear was it? It was the reason why if you take your car to a mate who knows a bit about cars he will listen to the miss fire and say “Oh yeah.. bad fuel” and he might be right. But a good mechanic will say ” Bad fuel, or maybe injectors, or engine management computer, dead spark plug, bad leads, cracked rings.. whatever….” And then he will say ” Have to investigate further.. don’t know what it will cost… sorry” Hows that for a simplistic version? Pretty good I thought.

Anyway you can see where this applies to us some of the time. Your mate who knows a bit about computers says ” Oh yeah.. bad drive” But we quite often.. say “Have to investigate further.” Quite often I say “I don’t know” I don’t mean I won’t know. It just requires investigation. But it occasionally dismays clients. Which I find odd. Really? What is it about false assurances that they like? Is this the same thing that makes politicians either successful or honest? Am I getting too deep? Stay tuned.

One of the problems with this job is that usually we train clients up to a point where their system is reliable and safe (backups people, backups) and they know enough about it. Then when they do need us its either, rearranging the office, or because something (now more reliable cos of us) has died. So we need new clients. This week will involve much client chasing. Luckily I have a couple of lovely business shirts from a happy client as a present last week. His own label. When he pays us I may even buy a couple more. I can try and lift my image to non scruffy geek. Its really sad that I have many more cycling jerseys than business shirts. Image as I am learning matters. In fact maybe its as important as content. Maybe that is where I was going in this post.