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Going Solo.

May 17, 2010

Jessica Watson as some of you may just possibly have heard.. has sailed around the world. Or not depending on who you talked too. She has sailed a bloody sight further than any of her detractors have at any rate. And good on her. Brilliant effort.

Funny how she has no detractors now. and Prime Ministers and other pond li.. er pollies crawling out of the woodwork to have their picture taken with her… is it an election year?

But Jessica appears to be a bloody good business woman too. She has already sold her story for a reputed $ 1 million bucks AU and still has plenty of endorsement er ability left to sell.

Lets do the maths. Her boat is .. I don.t know.. cannot be bothered to do serious research.. but something like a 34 footer.. right in the sweetspot for serious cruising.. small enough so a smallish girl can handle the gear.. big enough for some chance of comfort. I dont know what she paid for it (I think its a loaner. but really who would loan someone a boat painted that godawful pink?) Pink boatLets pretend its a Contessa 32… which would be squarely in my choice list for the trip she made. A Contessa 32 is in the sweetspot.. has a fin keel and fastish rig and a enviable reputation for surviveability in extreme seas. A Contessa 32 was the only boat in the smallest class to not retire in the terrible 1979 Fastnet race.

You can pick up these boats for around $50 K Australian. And they are around. In fact they are scattered all over the world.
Contessa 32

Serious cruising costs. Call it twice that to fit the boat out. Epirbs.. sat phone survey and overhaul new SS rigging throughout. tankage, stores, fuel, lots of bucks. Say $100 thousand. AU. And then she had people managing her.. ran it like an actual campaign. So lets double the cost so far for them.

So $300 K + 7 months buys you $1 million. And you still have at least $50 K worth of yacht. Woot. Is the girl a businesswoman or what? Pretty impressive. And she still has a lot to sell… but lets not go into that too much. She seems like rather a classy kid.

Don;t think for a second I am having a go here. I think its great. Good on her. But she saw the ball and ran with it in more ways than one. Or possibly she just got lucky.. which I just do not believe.