Finally it runs.

We finally have our test Plone site up and running on an ABOC server… doing everything in what we think is a secure manner. No that’s a little pessimistic. What we are sure is a secure manner but it’s still time for some testing. This is our own implementation of a secure online shopping site with the ability to process payments… call any content (such as media) chargeable and sort out shipping (via Oz Post) where shipping is applicable. It also allows various methods of joining the site as a known user… and allows fine grained content control.

This was a bugger… what we needed was the website to run like any other… but whenever you did something that needed to be secure to use SSL securely in a manner transparent to the end user. This worked just fine in the test environment at home.. but ABOC uses different web servers for normal sites and secure sites… and getting the server to swap in mid flight kept losing us the shopping cart data. What Kathy decided on in the end is that when a shopping interaction or a user login begins it will make the jump to the secure server and stay there. That works. It does change the path in the header, which is a bug we will sort in time… and it’s perhaps not totally transparent to the user but on the other hand it makes it obvious that the site has gone secure and maybe that is a better thing.

This work has been completed JUST in time to show some potential customers. Very very pleased with that.

I think I have sold the truly horrible company Toyota. I went out and took some pics… then sat down to put it up on eBay. But needing some rechargeable AA batteries I bought them first. Halfway though putting the pictures up my eBay account went belly up. Sigh. Sent them an email, after trying enough things to establish that it really was my account that was broken and gave up on that. Later on Mark, who occasionally works for us rang and asked if I would look at a sick car for a friend of his. And now it looks like his mate has bought the Toyota.. Cos at least it goes. eBay account is now up and working too. Truly the world is a wonderful place. That leaves us with only 5 motor vehicles, And many bikes of course.

Speaking of bikes.. the first of the Blackburn Cycling Club Kew boulevard TT’s was held on Sunday. (Yesterday) Loving TT’s as I do I went and had a look. Had not registered to do it.. currently not having a full licence.. and being a bit concerned that my TCR, which is slowly being turned into a TT bike is still unfinished, I did not enter. But it has me all fired up now and I promised several people that I would do it next time. This course is twisty and rewards people who know it and probably does not much favor specialist TT bikes, so I could have just done it on my Scott and put up a decent time. Ahh well next time.

If you want to know more about Time Trials this thread on BV forums is about Victorian Events being run this year. The Australian Time Trial Association is sadly not happening in Victoria at the moment.. that was cheap fun racing and sadly missed. Ah well. I do love ITT’s I think its the toughest loneliest hardest racing of all. To my way of thinking this image stolen from the ATTA home page captures it all TT rider

In the evening ABOC was training at DISC velodrome in Thornbury. And this time it was almost quite like actual racing. We did a couple of handicap races and I did not disgrace my self. Old skills coming back. Am extremely over the moon with last night’s effort. Still nervy of being on peoples wheels in the curves on wood at 45 degrees a long way from the ground. But getting there. Wishing I had some pics to put up. It’s back to my roots but very very different too.. the wood, indoors, and nerves of age are all new. Ecstatically happy.

Oh I should mention.. a bunch of people I know did the Teschner Grand Prix at Albert Park on Saturday. David Rafferton (of Vidman Design, a very talented graphic designer we often use) was making his comeback race after a very very bad accident that could really have ended tragically. One of the people at DISC told me about this big aggressive rider who kept having a go.. way to go David. My mate Roger has put some pics up on Facebook. David’s wife, Lisa, possibly the best illustrator on the planet and in my opinion one of the best and best looking racers in the country was also there. Both did well. Here Lisa leads out the bunch Both these people are amongst my favorite people on the planet and I am immensely proud of them

Lisa leads out

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