New areas.

As the result of my last post about my brothers situation.. we have decided to offer a new service It will be virtual office administration. What is starting to be called a virtual assistant. If you are a small business and you need a little bit of office administration done, statements reconciled for example.. invoices done.. that sort of thing, well we have an ex staff member (programmer -developer and bookkeeper) who can do all of that who is underemployed and at home with new child. It seems a natural choice. If the material is on your machine we will set up some sort of remote access and do that work saving you time to work on the stuff you make money for. For businesses like my brothers this should be a natural fit.

We were thinking of $40 hour.. what do you think? This is to be fair more than my brother pays.. but its way less than you should expect to pay for serious tech support or any sort of development work.

In case you missed it the link to the website about this new service is here

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