How do they know?

Wow. 20 people looked at my little blog yesterday but not one today. No one? Wow. Ok I did not actually write anything today.. but hey.. the question is how did they know that without coming here? I am amazed. Suppose I had better write something then.

Riding into town last night.. I stopped behind some fool at the lights. The lights changed green and THEN he put on his bloody indicator and started to turn.. propping to let pedestrians cross the road.
At the next set of lights another car the same thing. What is these blind stupid self centered cretins problem? Don;t ya get it? Use the f******* indicator to tell me what you are going to do BEFORE you do it.. for crying out loud. Stupid stupid people. Whats wrong with this country is that we think traveling 4 kph over the limit at 5 am in the morning on an empty 4 lane highway is a criminal offense but having not the slightest effin idea what the hell a person is doing from moment to moment while in charge of 2000 kg of machinery is just fine. Sheesh. Maybe you notice this stuff more on a bicycle. I dunno.

They whinge about cyclists stopping.. looking both ways and then riding through an intersection. Which I have to say is not only not me.. but is behavior that drives me insane. But no way does it compare in danger to cretins not using those flashing yellow lights for what they are meant for. And when I see a car run a red light its always traveling at the speed limit. And not having that much of a look around either. And I think we have already covered the use of indicators.


Kathys meeting today.. to show off the Plone Shopping stuff went well. I had an inquiry from .a school about some support 😀 Heh.. Cool. I did a logo for a mate who wants a site to sell mower stuff.. and well I can see that I am not in VIdmans class. Its not bad.. but.. his stuff is better. And I am amazed that it can take way longer to run windows updates than to do a complete Ubuntu install.. updates and all. Crikely Vista is rubbish. I have a clients Vista laptop to update here.

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