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Monday again.

May 30, 2010

And its time to get my head down and do some work. Its been a really good few days. For a couple of regulars I have taken to dropping off a few leaflets around them. I have printed a few leaflets and just done a few small businesses around the customers address. Probably did less than 20 in total. This is working on the theory that this way the leafleting (is that a word?) is more targeted and that clusters of customers are a good thing to have. And it paid off. I was unconvinced and put little effort into it but we scored a customer that way. And now I shall put real effort into this approach.

The virtual assistant idea has got a lot of interest. Kathy has talked to people… lined up some resources in case it just takes off… the web page has been updated and has got more than a hundred hits since Thursday.. So far only my brother is on board but hey..realistically its been a couple of business days. Really really optimistic about this as a service. And really optimistic that it will lead on to other work., The back office just went on the list of jobs to be done. Get it sorted so if we need too we can put someone in to do Virtual Assistant stuff full time.

The GetPaid test site is up and operational. Final testing is happening. A couple of customers want demo,s and we have a couple more lined up for website development. Carl is shuffling us some work , and in fact was on the phone.. as I typed his name. Woot. May have to cut this short. As you can tell I feel really optimistic.. Like we have turned some sort of corner. I am very very happy at the moment. And have to take off in the immediate future to deal with a dead UPS. A happy Dave

On the personal front.. everywhere I have ridden has been on wet roads the last few days.. I have the dirtiest possible bike waiting to be cleaned. But its been a fun weekend. But I think I need to go now so I will come back to that separately