On microsoft and aspergers

Missed a couple of days here. And if I don,t write anything no one reads it.. Go figure.

On the weekend watched a movie called Adam. About an Aspergers sufferer and his life. With 8 or 9 friends. 3 of who have Aspergers Syndrome. And I know another Aspergers sufferer. Either I am atypical (well clearly I am but lets not go there.) or this difference is pretty prevalent. I guess I am going for pretty prevalent actually. I don,t have Aspergers but I do see bits of Asperger like behavior in myself. I get very very job focused for example. I have to work at fitting in in social situations.. and acting appropriately. I am perfectly happy in my own company. And the like… So given that its a continuum, with total normality at one end and extreme weirdness in the other. I am guessing that there is lots of Aspergers out there.

And that might be a good thing. Einstein, is supposed to have been an Aspy. So is Isaac Newton Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo da Vinci Beethoven Bill Gates and many many others. Autism spectrum disorders are likely to be an absolute requirement for a changing society IMO. Does not stop some of these people from being damn annoying tho.

Had a weird one yesterday. Repairing an XP installation (oh yeah so what else is new?) Pulled the old numbers out of the machine. Had a look at the sticker on the case. Same numbers. That actually is slightly unusual, usually you build a bunch of machines at the same time to the same spec. You do one image with a corporate XP and spend some time getting it right… and then you image all the rest of the machines. 90 % of a lot less effort goes into getting the image right and 10 % to dropping it on the rest of the machines. Much more better. :D. So its likely you have here a single machine built to order.

But anyway.. I do the recovery… with the right verson of XP. Windows XP pro. (cos home is rubbish) And it wants the Reg Key. Which is just Bill being annoying anyway.. the thing has a windows installation I am trying to repair Bill .. for crying out loud. How the hell can you want the reg Key? You already have it. Well no. It won;t accept the key. The same key it already has. WTF? Bill.. you are annoying me. Try again with another windows disk. And another. And another. Not making any friends here at PerfectNotes Bill 20 minutes a time to get to the point of putting the key in. About as long as it actually takes to install Ubuntu. And when we install Ubuntu we install a LOT of applications at the same time.. Arggghhhhhhhhhhh. Try another Key. Woot. No problem. What the hell was that all about Bill? Told you Aspy people can be damn annoying.

Last night was music night Where a bunch of us get together and watch each other play.. or not play the guitar, and sing or don’t sing. I went with Significant Other. Actually I met her there… working at Monash in the city and rode to the pub in Carlton. My mate Mike and his family were there. His son Jake has Aspy. And his daughter Leah who is one of my favorite people on the planet….. by perhaps not entirely coincidence sang a song called something like “for I am just a little bit odd”

Embrace the difference I say. Except that their is no way ever I am embracing Mr Gates


  1. 1
    Leah Mae Says:

    Dear uncle Scruffy,
    I like your blog… but would you like me to spellcheck?? …Just kidding, only being facetious =]
    In total agreement with the not liking Bill Gates… at all.. If you like I could send you a link of over 200 ironic ways he should be disposed of?

    Catcha soon,
    Lemmy =]

  2. 2
    Kathy Says:

    And when you do post, there’s a fair chance that Kathy’s fingers will itch to come in and fix the typos…. 🙂

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