Semper Fi

I had a great topic for yesterdays blog. I composed it while riding from the dentist to a client and then on to Monash. It was going to be a terrific topical post. Hmmm. Pity I cannot remember what it was going to be about. Sigh.

Ahhh yes the dentist. Not being able to feel my nose was less fun than most things. I did think it was probably a really good time to get it broken and reset properly. But amazingly no one at Monash seemed interested in smacking it for me. A difficult day.

Clients business was locked up. I suspect the staff member I found them may not be working out. Seems to not be there a lot. Oh I don,t know.. fairly sure its not good. Will chase him up today.

Paid (and transferred) the registration on the Scooby Doo ( Subaru ) yesterday. And the Lancer. $1300. Sheesh. I,m paying 2000 bucks a year in reg. Nearly all of it the Transport Accident Commision component of registration. 3rd party accident insurane for injury. But I can only have one accident at a time. Sucks. I do trivial kilometers these days too. The sooner the TAC is linked to your license rather than the registration the better. All I can say.. anyone who says cyclists do not pay their share to me in the next few days is going to wish they had an anesthetized nose. Grrrrrrr

Much reconfiguring of PNHQ networks the last week. At least a couple of days have been spent in the totally non profitable setting up of virtual machines and (gasp) Windoze servers to give Kathy a couple of new testing environments. Impacting significantly on Mark and myself trying to chase new customers. Tricky.

Anyway to the subject of this blog. Leadership challenge for the PM,s job this morning. Hmmmmm Julia Gillard is challenging for the top job. According to the ABC story that woke me up she is challenging because it came to her attention that Kevin Rudd was not totally convinced by her protestations of loyalty and her denials of any intention to challenge. And so.. offended by the slight on her integrity she challenged. And in so doing proved him right. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Is it just me who is somewhat offended by this? Imagine, a disloyal pollie, how unbelievable? (Snicker) But really, using someones doubts of your loyalty as an excuse to prove em right. Way to go Julia. Class all the way. Pah.

Not that I am a fan of the Ruddster. But still. I am a fan of the mining tax. Hurting big mining…as if. We get to dig the stuff up and sell it once.. its an appreciating asset while its in the ground. Unless civilization collapses, in which case we will starve to death in a disintegrating society.. a bit poorer than we would have starved to death otherwise. Funnily enough if Julia gets up (heh) I bet that the mining tax quietly goes away. Interesting.

Semper Fi Julia.


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    Update. Well she got in. Hmmmm She said last month that their was more chance of her lining up as full forward for the Bulldogs than of her challenging for the leadership. Looking forward to seeing her pull on a jersey.

    That could not be Big Mining pulling the strings could it? Their $100 million add campaign on TV implies they are hurting for a quid. So how could they possibly manage to pull off something like this? Something tells me that this is the last we will hear of the resources tax. I really really hope I am wrong on that.

  2. […] Oh boy this is going to be a tough one. Julia cannot be trusted. Already posted on that subject here. And some of her maths is decidedly odd. She seems to be giving away rather more money than she […]

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