Wins and losses

Followers of PerfectNotes people on Facebook (and that page needs to start being updated daily) will have noticed that Kathy… everyone’s favorite developer, has had a win recently. We were approached by another IT company… a city based operation, with gorgeous offices, to see if we could do something for them. And the proof of concept of this works

It was this carefully unnamed company,s technical people that approached us. They are running a mainly windows operation, using IIS as a web server on a Windows 2007 server. What they wanted to do was , to simplify as much as possible for non technical readers, to run a customized Linux web server that runs a thing called which is a collaboration software that inter-connects your people with each other and their collective knowledge, seamlessly.

and have it appear to the rest of the world as if that software was running on their Windows server. They needed to have it all work seamlessly with various media, and of course have no security issues.

While testing the concept our network at Perfectnotes grew substantially but only in a virtual sense. We now have a windows machine.. duel booting a windows enterprise server and barely managing at that. We have a couple of virtual machines running On real machines running various things. And I have spent some time sorting all that out. But it all works. Is a major win. Very very cool.

Whats not so cool is that Stephen Hart, the owner of Grand Prix Bicycles, a shop in GlenHuntly road in I think Caulfield was killed on the holiday of a lifetime while bicycle touring in Italy. I don,t want to go into details.. but it would appear things went wrong on a mountain descent and it was all over in a moment. Just one of those things. I only met Stephen once or twice… but the shop and he have a great reputation and its a sad loss. I cannot but think its not a bad way to go, quickly while doing something you love, on the holiday of a lifetime but he leaves a wife, friends and co workers and it has to be unbearably horrible for them

I firmly believe that cycling is not a risky sport although there are stupid nongs who do their very best to make it so. I have not lost close friends cycling as I have through motorcycling. But things like this do bring it home. CCCC report on it all here There will be a memorial ride shortly.

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