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Weekends are for..

July 4, 2010

Racing.. and training. ABOC’s winter Sunday track session this evening was a killer. Intervals, lots of intervals, all indoors on wood at DISC. I was not the called enduro.. closer to being the slowest than the fastest though. Worked my butt off. Still coughing up garbage from deepest rarely used recesses of my lungs, eating everything in the house and have the taste of blood in my mouth.

On the plus side.. finally actually started running again after a 2 month break (I actually ran out of usable running shoes) on Thursday. Sore back Friday.. sorer back yesterday and today… Which is just the price you pay for stopping an exercise and starting it up again, I know that. Back is not sore any more. Or alternatively the rest of me hurts so bad I am past noticing it. Whatever. It works 😀

Did some paceline too. Almost did a half decent job of holding a wheel. Boy am I happy with myself

If you want to see some real track sprinting ABOC is holding an invitational at 6:30 PM next Friday the 9th of July. I,ll be a spectator or maybe helping out.. all the riders will be a lot quicker than me. Its at the indoor Velodrome at Darebin International Sports Centre which is DISC So come and have a look if you are in Melbourne and the teeniest bit interested in track

Over the weekend a friend gave me a brilliant idea. Well hopefully it will turn out to be a brilliant idea. We are not wildly interested in doing tech support for just people as opposed to companies… tends to pay less.. and be more troublesome. Its also not rocket science.. the issues are not complex and we have lots of bargain basement competition.. including a good number of perfectly competent teenagers.

But on the other hand.. if the week is slow and the work is nearby why not? It might lead to business work in the way that a lot of our business work does lead to us doing tech support for the same people at home, and that has worked well for us. So while the school holidays are on, lets do a local leaflet drop, pushing the ‘school holiday special’ thing and see if we can chase up a few more customers near PerfectNotes HQ. Good idea? Here’s hoping.

OK the Tour is on… have to go watch. Cheers.