Small world innit?

Today was our monthly Box Hill TAFE organized Networking night. I was in the city and rode in and met Kathy there. The topic was an interesting look at the person presenting its own little bit of small business cash management software. Finetunebiz Cashbook. Runs on windows… and has a complicated authentication setup but does seem a thoroughly decent bit of software. Runs on what essentially is an excell spreadsheet which is nice.

A girl came up afterwords.. who hit me with the classic.. “you don,t remember me do you” “Alas… there have been so many….” Nah I managed nothing as ‘stylish’ as that. A student at Swinnie when I was there.. now starting a small business doing oil paintings and web design. Her name was Kate.. and while (amazingly ) I actually remember her last name, I think putting it here not appropriate

I gave her Kathys card as with brilliant forward planning I had none on me. I can see her being a useful contact. Actually I can see a couple of useful contacts coming out of the night. Kathy had a solid half dozen inquiries about her virtual assistant offering. All looking very very promising after a lack lustre start to the week.

In keeping with my plan to do a very local leaflet drop I have done a very local leaflet. What do you think?

I decided the back office has to be more organized. Went looking on Ebay for bookcases.. with no luck.. nothing local and immediate for money I was willing to pay. Also went looking for a chest. Something to put the large pile of rarely used but valuable motorcycle leathers and helmets in. Found a nice one.. In Moe. Which is a bit of a bummer. Decided it was worth one bid. Bid $66. One and only bid. Won as I often seem too. That was Sunday evening. Still have not heard from ‘marnieb’ Ok there are actually a lot of legitimate possibilities why this might be the case. However I may rethink this buying from Moe thing. Let us wait and see.

Dentist tomorrow. Oh joy. I like ‘my’ dentist.. but generically … mmmm… dentists. Phobic and don,t care who knows it. Got rung at like 6:30 by her assistant.. nurse… dental technician.. receptionist.. I don.t actually know the job description.. but one of her people. To see if I had fled the country. Sigh.


  1. 1
    Georg Says:

    Hi, thank you for the mini-review of FineTunebiz Cashbook! Letting your readers know that they can find the software at
    I will look forward to receiving your further blogs by email.

  2. 2

    Riiiiiiigh Georg. It is a small world indeed. That would be proof I think. Good to have your comment.

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