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Cadel in yellow.

July 11, 2010

This might be a shorter than usual post. Lacking energy. Need coffee in huge amounts. Somewhat buggered.

Track last night. Poor gear selection saw me not hanging on for 8 lap flat out efforts. On 81 or so gear inches I was spinning my heart out. Totally being blown away by Janine (who to be fair is improving heaps), over the distance in our pretend pursuit. I went up to 84 and did better than that.. really needed my 15. And finally borrowed a 15 from Carl and was back to sore legs.. being able to breath and being able to hang on for a few laps. On about 89. A good gear for me. Sprinters cough later. Hacking bits of rarely used lung onto the floor. I am certainly no spinner and its a tough way to learn. Not overly happy with my effort but hey. Next week.

My 15 is ( I think) on the gorgeous Sally’s bike. Sally Cloke wins Lead rider for Team Splat my last contact with Sally was a cryptic message the other day to the effect that she is in love with an orangutan at Singapore zoo. I may not get my 15 back for a while

My mate Ian finally came along and had a great time. Ian is a bit er special. When I smashed my hip and everyone came and saw me in hospital and bought flowers, he bought scotch. You hang onto mates like that. Jenny came along to watch and get inspired. Having ridden into the fence at Blackburn she has a couple of demons to beat. Oh I know those demons. On friday one of the blokes rode onto the while line at the base of the fence at DISC……. and must have brushed the fence with his elbow… thats a long way up. I had my heart in my mouth…..apparently frightened Jenny too. Hmmm

Then home…. Significant other had cooked dinner. Then we set off to pick up Carl and go to Blacky and watch the tour. Just around the corner a possum had been hit and just in the middle of the road. What gets me is the asshole who hit it and just left if there would probably consider me a cruel basket because I have been known to kill my own dinner. I stopped.. SO went back to get it out of the middle of the road. Came back crying. It had a dead baby with it. Sigh. Some people are in fact ar$$es. And some of those don’t even know it. Or care.

Blackburn was great. The minimal yet elite crowd meant we could and did crap on about anything and everything. SO and Carl have rallying in common.. my rallying career while fun was far from successful although I did OK ish with motokhanas and the like. Lots of nibbles. Muffins.. chocky cake. Mmmmmm. The tour itself was great. Cadel in yellow. at the end of the day. Armstong probably out of it … i will be very surprised if he was not badly hurt in that first crash. I am thinking cracked rib or something. Andy Schleck winning the stage in a great sprint finish. He has to be the best chance to win the Tour I think. No way could Cadel match his accelerations up the hill. Cadel is no sprinter. Andy turns out to be able to sprint… and do it more than once.

Been reading a blog from one of the bosses of my mate Sara. About his rather bad face plant. At least I have better luck with dentists than him. Is a small world hey.

Oh and I still have not got that UPS sorted. Next job. More later