Rest day.

And about time. Badly needed. Shattered riders thank you.
The blokes on the tour probably need a break too 😀 .

On the training front I managed a run today. 3 km. It will do. Now running regularly. Its a start

On the work front I have now firmly established that the print cartridge in my laser printer, (brand new out of the box) is buggered, but sadly it was bought years ago … and I cannot find the invoice. Seriously annoying. A replacement cartridge for this printer is around $350… time for Fleabay I think

And speaking of Ebay the spare car finally is on ebay after one prospective purchaser stuffed me around.. sheesh its not like I am asking for real money for the thing. And a second purchaser decided it needed too much work.. fair enough, cannot argue with that. Anyway hopefully its a good deal for someone and it goes to a good home. Otherwise it goes to a scrapyard. Anyway it goes.

My mate Alaina posted on facebook today that she was eating breakfast in a cafe on Southbank London that we had eaten in last trip. How cool is that? and she is living only a few hundred metres from there. It really really is a small world.

Lots of interest and a little bit of work on the Virtual Assistant stuff. I think that Kathy has a great idea here. Its going to fly.

The wind the other day was intense. Our roof actually survived but Kornang Creek bike path has a tree down across it. A big gum that has come down roots and all. On my trip into town I did note only 2 petrol powered vehicles on the bike path. An all time low. The average is usually 4 or 5 and the maximum so far has been 8 Mind you both of these were 4WD,s . Cos you need a 4WD to drive on a bike path. If you cannot ride a bicycle that is.

We finally have tires. Jenny ordered from Ribble I think it was… and astonishingly they put the tires in the mail and the things turned up. Nothing at all like our experience with Bike Bits Suck. Which you have read about previously. See people.. some companies out their do actually do right by the customers. These are the ones to deal with more than once.

My commute back yesterday was great fun. I met uteman. Had the seat all the way back.. so that his gut could fit in. Uteman seems to not like bicycles. And I see his point. They sure don;t like him. I cannot see to many bicycles not collapsing under his weight. But if he found one. … and used it a bit.. maybe he could sit in a less grand prix position in his ute. Uteman thinks blokes wearing lycra look silly. Uteman does not own a mirror.

Tonight lets hope Lance and Cadel can pull something special out of the bag. And lets hope that tomorrow something happens and I can do a better blog.


  1. 1
    Jenny Says:

    Tyres were from “Wiggle”, which is based in Portsmouth in the UK.

    • 2

      My oops. Wiggle for a while seemed to have security issues. All resolved now I think.

      For casual readers we are talking about the clincher tires that seem to be able to stick to wood at 45 degrees on indoor Olympic velodromes. At a certain speed everything slips.. the lower that speed is the better. Tires made of unobtanium work best

      I bought the stainless steel double butted spokes for my home build track clincher wheels from Ribble the shop I confused. They wanted considerably less for 144 spokes than 56 were going to cost anywhere else. I have a lot of spare spokes (only needed 56) Bought a lot of other stuff there and with the exception of some french chain wheel that lost a couple of teeth in the first few klicks its all been good. Why I keep going back I guess.

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