Virtual Assistant.

On the work front Kathy has our first VIrtual Assistant client signed sealed and delivered. Our second client I guess if you count my brother Ashley. Woot. This is great. And development continues on 3 web sites. Other than that its been a really really quiet week for my side of the business.. I have sorted one machine… and rebuild our laser printer. Done a lot of publicity. Tried to sort out a couple of outstanding issues. We shall see.

Really really optimistic about the Virtual Assistant stuff. Shall push it for all I am worth. Maybe the virtual blog stuff. What do you think.. could I adapt and write a blog in the style of someone else. What do you think? Pardon. Who do you think you are talking about? Sir you forget yourself. My people will set something up with your people.

Did you see Cadel? He won the yellow jersey with a broken elbow. A bloke who climbs mountains by getting out of the saddle for a dozen pedal strokes when others would change gear for a few seconds. A bloke who climbs in the saddle out then in then out.. Rather like me. In a style of riding that uses the arms more than any other imaginable style. He lost the yellow jersey and about 8 minutes chasing through the highest mountain in the tour with a broken elbow. And for the last 10 klicks of the stage swapped off with one team mate while a dozen wheel suckers hung on behind him. He looked as white as a sheet. And at the end… hugged a mate and let his emotions go. Some people are bagging him for that. Class.. sheer class. Good on you Cadel. Great effort. Heaps of guts. Kudo’s


I remember when David Rafferton.. (Vidman) (the best graphic designer in Australia) rode up to you at the start of the 207 Amy’s Ride and said what an inspiration you had been to him.. and how he had gone from a seriously overweight bloke to a guy who could hang with C grade on your inspiration. And how polite and I thought genuinely happy about it you were. Well done you. Keep it up mate. It ain’t over till its over.

Cadel is clearly happy with his new team His old team are clearly happier without him. Even though they clearly are not going to get the 2nd Cadel gave them last year. Its interesting. I guess Cadel is not everyone’s cup of tea. He is a nice bloke tho. Its the Chuck Norris thing I guess. Chuck has played all these really tough guys over the years. But so have lots of people. Sylvester Stallone.. Steven Segal.. millions. Chuck just somehow never seemed that tough to me. Yet the reality is that Chuck was 7 times US freestyle Karate Champion. He is a more genuinely tough guy than any of them. He seems like a nice guy cos he is. He is also the most dangerous of the lot. Just somehow does not come across convincingly like that on the screen (at least to me). I mean I know its the case. Intellectually. But he has not got me convinced. Somehow in spite of the evidence many seem to think Cadel is not the genuine article. In exactly the same way. But in the same way the evidence is clear. He is. .

I have not seen any new posts on Director on a bike’s blog for a bit. Hope that nothing has gone wrong

I was trying to get some furniture for my office on fleabay this morning.. Missed both the furniture and my normal training ride. As penance I rode into town to swap a cable on a server. In pouring rain. I scored some dopey little dog where it lunged out of the bushes at my pedal and I drop kicked it into the middle of next week. The owner seemed upset. One reader has critiqued me for this.. saying it says nothing nice about me that I would drop kick a dog. Phhhht. If the owner cared about the dog maybe they would not train it to lunge at people. Maybe they would train it not to lunge at people if they cared about people either. Bet they don;t let it run wild along the freeway. And the difference here is that if it causes an accident its likely to be the cyclist or pedestrian hurt. I would rather kick the owner… and if the owner rushed at me its a fair bet that is exactly what would happen. But if the dog goes for my foot.. niceness is on hold.

A similarly well trained and bought up dog makes an appearance every year in the Tour de France.. and in most other bike races. Usually causes a couple of retirements. Trashes 20 or 30 or 80 K worth of bikes. And you know.. I would love to know the answer but I am fairly sure the owners never rush forward pulling a wallet out crying “Oh my God… I am so sorry.. here let me write you a cheque” The real problem of course is that people who can not bring up a well behaved pet are still allowed to have children. In fact they usually outbreed the people who can bring up a well behaved pet.

On the trip back I got wheel sucked by some girl on a flat bar who I could not ride away from. Sheesh.. she was good. I,m getting old….

Now about to cheer for Evans tonigh.

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