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Election 2010

July 17, 2010

Not been much to write about this week. The Virtual Assistant stuff is happening. I wasted a day trying to figure a way to reliably back up files from a virtual Linux server to an actual Windows server. There must be a million ways to do this.. and the way I picked just decided to be unduly uncooperative. And I took Carl out to the airport Thursday…and have the exotic powertap wheel in the back room to deliver to a future Olympic Sprinter (I think anyway) Em wins

Other than that a dead, cold and depressing week

I have finally cracked the shits with the fool that had promised to buy Kathys Toyota. Its on Ebay…finishing in a couple of days. Its going for more than $100 more than I offered it to him for. Here is the listing. Hopefully this thing goes. I have a lot more stuff to get rid off. And some to acquire. Specifically I need bookshelves and office chairs. Oh and cartridges for a Lexmark 1255. Got any?

Did the RRR this morning. Followed by brecky. And tomorrow is track. And since this post is light on content.. perhaps a support story from well in the past.. involving of course customers I do not deal with any more. And should not deal with for the sake of my sanity

OK teacher at old employer. A Hawthorn Melbourne Secondary College that shall remain nameless… mostly for the sake of the many useful and smart people that work there. Certainly not for the sake of the few wastes of food and air that worked their. Some few of the staff decided I was their private resource for unpaid work… in a couple of instances I was OK with that.. in a couple of instances.. not on your life.. possibly literally. Anyway.. get rung one evening at home.. “My home computer will not start” “Really”, I reply.. “How sad” “Can you come and have a look” “Well indeed I could” (But no chance) “What is it doing?” Apparently nothing. No lights.. etc. “Can you check its plugged in and switched on” “I have already done that.. do you think I am stupid” “Not at all ….. could you just check the plug is in properly and switched on at the wall”. “I am sure it is” Sigh.. “Could you please humor me and check” “Just a moment, I,ll have to get a torch?” Huh? “Why do you need a torch” “Cos the lights are all out” Boom tish. Yes indeed I think you are stupid. And why are you not ringing the power company?

Think about the fact that this person may be teaching your children. Scary huh? I have a client at Pyalong. Which is a small country town quite a long way away. He is a very valued client.. on mates rates in spite of the trip. I have loved friends up their.. and when I go up often stay either at the clients or my friends. But he has a terrible environment for computers. Its a commercial hydroponics facility. No its a legitimate one.. they are actually tomatoes. And the office computers have been known to have a half inch or more of mud in them, and in one case actual growing things. Just think of that as proof of how reliable modern electronic equipment actually is. We have in fact come a long way. Which means the machines are tougher and smarter. The people. nah. I am in one of my cynical moods

Because the election has been announced. Our new PM did not completely cave on the mining tax. Its going to apply to only about a quarter of the businesses it was going to apply too. Its going to come in at a higher rate. Yet apparently generate the same income. Not the complete cave I was expecting.. but close. Apparently she saved the country by negotiating it. Anyway.. her election cry will be.. I predict “Moving Forward” The opposition is going to go with the cry.. “Disloyal backstabbing untrustworthy cow who stabbed her boss in the back and wants your trust” Hard to argue with.. being true and all. The opposition does not impress. And the greens do not believe in nuclear power. Who the hell am I going to vote for?