Its raining indoors.

I have figured out how to do my little backup problem. So I will sort that this evening. This morning was windy but lovely and I ended up doing about 60 Km on the road bike this morning. Then came home with every intention of sorting backup problem. Woke up with 20 minutes to get to track at DISC. The lovely day had vanished. It was pithing down At track we did several 750 metre (Track TT distance for masters in our category) efforts. My legs hurt.

The roof at DISC leaks. It has leaked since new. Water and wooden velo,s are lethal. I have personally seen a single drop of water cause a girl to crash, at the womens meet a few months ago. There were several spots of water on the track tonight. No crashes. You can see where this multimillion dollar track is being damaged by the water. No one will sort it. I would really like to take an orbital sander with 80 grit paper on it to the knees of the person responsible. Asses. People get hurt on tracks anyway.. no reason to encourage it.

Ian turned up again. Ian is an old mate as I have mentioned before. A friend of well over 20 years standing. A very tough bloke. Ian has had a triple bypass, survived prostrate cancer and beaten the half century. And is now following in his fathers footsteps by playing with track bikes. He is having a ball.

One of the blokes has bought an orange Alchemy.. just like mine. Cool. . Not much meat to this post…so another support story. At Strange Secondary College in Hawthorn one staff member kept trashing his DE@T supplied laptop. When you do maintenance for schools you try for a SOE (Standard Operating Environment ) where you have a bunch of machines the same.. build a good image for them.. develop it properly and drop it on the lot. With these lappys we start with the DE@T (Department of Education and training) supplied image.. customise it for our network.. put the apps we like most. Firefox as well as IE.. and stuff like that and we talk to the teachers.. and if we can get intelligent suggestions out of them and we can get the software legally, then we put that on. And then we re image the machines… and then from this image do a bit of customization on the machines.. setting them up to run for that user on the secure supplied wireless points in the school.. and the like.

Within weeks this useful staff member had trashed his machine. Pretty much by installing every single thing he could find that was cool to install.. Eventually it would barely run. It had like 3 versions of photoshop.. tons of stuff that he did not know what was when asked; more malware than some countries have. 3 sets of anti virus software.. and lots of other stuff. Clean it up. and weeks later, same story. Save data. Reimage machine. Set up for particular staffer (quite a big part of it) and away he goes. Rinse and repeat.

Eventually I set the thing up with an image…. told him I could not save his data and he needed to do backups.. Modified the image for this particular staffer… and saved his very own image. He thus became the only staff member with his very own customized image.

This was because he was special. In a very very special sense of the word ‘special’
At a rough guess this staffer was a third of my work load at one time. Funnily enough once he knew he was responsible for his own backups he was much less work.

Ok thats it for bad support stories for a while. Next time I will talk about some of the many lovely people I have worked for.

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