Suddenly its just silly busy.

So a machine to sort for a long time friend. It would not see the interweb. Turned out to be a combination of a dead on board network card and a extra firewall that had strangely downloaded and installed itself. Sorted. Noisy fan.. old machine, supplier had no fans that could easily be made to fix.. sorted with secret method I am embarrassed to relate. Sigh I have a bottle of wine from her already. Hope she realizes we need money as well.

Bike shop with virus infestation. Visited.. left antivirus and anti stealthware stuff running. Return visit required

Another 4 pages of products for a web site we are building turned up.. Just about to take the lappy to bed and do some of that. A lot of work there.

Another customer has accidentally blown away the install on an ibook.. data recovery… always time consuming. Very time consuming Also has a machine requiring a rebuild for a child.. being done at the moment. Its second hand, without an OS and I was going to put a linux on it.. then I discovered the XP home licence on the case. He is a kid.. he is going to want games on it, I guess I need to put XP on it.. cruel thing to do to a child but it could be worse.. could be Vista. 😛

Friday morning we have a secret install to do in the city.. I have a major test of some stuff to do before that.. a good mornings work to validate it all.

4:pm job in the city tomorrow. 8pm job friday. Some leaflets printed to be delivered to a local area.

Website update.. with new links to blog… checkout addwords campaign and hits.. see how well its working

Kathy has a site to go online in the next couple of days, another one by the end of the week.. a bunch of VA stuff to get though.

Mark and I have a site to develop and get roughly happening by early next week. We are going to sell some plants on line. Mainly hedge plants and the like. not really my area but the site is… doubtless Kathy will be involved in that at some point.

Camera, netbook, and a decent second hand lappy to acquire this week. We could use a couple more lcd monitors too.

And Ashley (my evil brother) has some VA work for us… urgently.

Could be a good week.

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    Oh. Open cabling registration has to be renewed. By friday. That is a really really big deal that lets us do all sorts of comms related stuff legally that rather few people can legally do. I am the only one in the company with that bit of paper (card) so it really really matters. Better get that done

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