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On ebay no one can hear you scream

August 4, 2010

Well that was a waste of two weeks.
I week selling our toyota on Ebay . I was pretty happy to see some serious bidding for it. And some bloke won it for $300. Happy with that. Even though it took a week

And then another week trying to contact the fool. And raising a dispute. And hopefully ruining his Ebay rating forever. Because after he won it the flea infested illegitimate offspring of the mating between a camel and a slime mold was never heard from again. No phone calls and his was never answered. and zero response to emails. Really annoying. Even if by some miracle the first Ebay issue I have ever had.

Fool had 100 % rating. Mind you I still have to figure out how to give him bad rating so at the moment he still has. Has bought 3 cars with good feedback in the last couple of years. I sort of have this image of him as a petrol sniffing bogan living in the back seat of his commodore somewhere in Sunshine but that is obviously just my annoyance showing.

Really really annoyed with Mr tombro1546 I would not be going far out of my way to spoil the annoying person’s day because really he is not worth the effort but I would probably feel cheated if I forced my way though a raging bushfire to save an innocent person and got.. (sniff of disgust) him. Ahhh well, as I said he is my first bad experience with Ebay.

One reason for my extreme irritation with this waste of oxygen is that I have actually organised it to sell this car twice before. Once with a tenant of Marks (our occasional staff member) who at the last minute decided that he could negotiate a hire purchase agreement with me on a $150 car (what I was willing to sell it too) and once to Kathy’s former partner who decided that it was a bit beyond him given his current ill health. Marks tenant is a nice guy.. but my cat is smarter, and I cannot really argue with ill health. But this thing is becoming a millstone. IT MUST GO

<img src="Photobucket” alt=”Smartcat” />

The Toyota is up for sale again. Hopefully this time someone real buys it. Hopefully our friend Tom cops the appropriate amount of kharma. Hopefully I will be back to my normal warm and cuddly self tomorrow.