Us on the web.

The one market area Perfect Notes IT never really wanted to target was web design. And yet…slowly and steadily the number of web sites we have on the books (heh.. books…on the spreadsheet more like) continues to rise.

We had a bunch of reasons for not specifically targeting web design. Everyone and their dog is doing it… competition is intense. Everyone’s second cousin can do a template web site. Or they have a kid who can do it. Or maybe a dog. And they may indeed look ok. And in some cases be ok.

And then there are those people who have genius artistic flair. Like David Rafferton of Vidman Designs No way do I have his talent. Although when I give it some thought its actually obvious that practically no one has his talent Certainly many of the web designers out there lack any talent at all.

On the other hand we can and do hire him for the really creative stuff. As it turns out. Important to hire the right people for the right jobs. Who would have guessed? Senator Conroy, the wrong man in the wrong job in the wrong century. Not to mention the wrong country. But I believe he does not speak Chinese

As to the nuts and bolts of building and running web sites? Yeah I can do that. And I have a degree in multimedia from a pretty good university in Arts (Swinburne) so I doubt I am totally talentless. Its just not where I thought we were going.

However we are doing more and more of it. For example this week. We were approached a couple of days ago to do a web site. I have been putting data in another plone site all day. (OK we always expected a fair bit of work doing that sort of thing but it is one of our sites) And Mark and I have decided to do a site of our own.. ‘ ‘ to move Mark.s thriving part time business along a bit. And when its up we will run that one too. (and pay the bills on it.. and take a slice of the profits for perfectnotes) And Kathy is just finishing off another site we built. WIth some bits in it from Vidman Design. Looks gorgeous. That site goes live next week and I will be sure to link to it from the blog when it does. Looks great

So it seems we are in fact web designers. One of the things I like most about running a small business (other than moving it towards being a medium business) is the constant surprises. I seem to be spending a lot of time thinking “how did that happen?”

Love it. Got a web site you need done? Contact us.

No bids on the Toyota yet. 15 Watchers. Hmmmmm.

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  1. […] my mind the most important issue this election is Internet Censorship. I have spoken on this before here and here . Stephen Conroy is the current Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital […]

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