On any sunday.

Feeling very lazy here. Doing lots of entry of data into a customer site. I must ask Kathy what we charge for this. It cannot be enough.
Its a case of creating the object.. uploading and editing a table type description, doing a short description of the thing in English and I know little about these particular ‘things’, more than anyone else here does mind you, and then guestimating shipping weights and dimensions. When we show all this to the customer hopefully he comes back with more accurate numbers and I get to put those corrections in. Oh joy :D. When I spoke to him on FB the other night mind you.. he said I was spot on with some of them.

Its a grind. Needs to be done tho.

How many people picked up on my cunning plan to fix the temporary power outage on the top floor of a customer building? I,ll give you a big hint. It involved an extension lead. Not by any means a perfect fix but hey it got their mail happening again. And I did check with them to find out if such a solution was acceptable. And yes I did go in early Sunday morning and implement it. If its stupid and it works it ain’t stupid. I shall write about dodgy but working tech solutions soon I think. I have a couple of great stories.

A 24/7 support organisation us. Woot. PerfectNotes IT… for all your IT, some of your cycling and all your 84 Corona needs. And yes someone has bid on the ebay Corona, and a nice young couple came around and looked at it last night

Too much data entry to do.. so to fill out this post.. pics follow from DISC last night.
Last night was as always good. I am still slow but working on it. Jenny came and was very brave. The sad news that an unnamed Team Splat! rider will be moving to Newcastle in the new year hit Team Splat!s race director hard 😦 The individual concerned claims its for personal reasons but the rumor is that they have signed a lucrative contract with a pro team and will be racing in Europe next summer.

I had a win in that Swervin Merv Hughes bought some surplus cogs along and gave me a 12 (never had a 12 before) and a 15 to replace the one Sally had borrowed. Sally bought the 15 back as well (heh) so I was able to tell her to keep it. Thanks Merv, I owe you a beer for that.

Very atmospheric shot of Jenny vs ‘the Wall’ that I think captures something of how scary it can be

Sally vs ‘the Wall’

Practicing starts.

Emily launches
Em launches

Carl “Mr ABOC” Never called that. Sometimes called Bleve.

A really good pic of Sally

Team Splat! girls


ABOC training group.
ABOC training


  1. 1
    Ian Gosling Says:

    Sounds like me. Surely once we have the framework all down pat, I can do the boring data entry – becoming all enraptured by chainsaws, et.al – of which you speak.

    Just think of it this…your job is to do the smart stuff. I can do dumb stuff all by myself 🙂

    • 2

      Indeed. Yes absolutely. Although lots would say I am good at doing the dumb stuff. 😀
      The plan with such things has got to be to get the client to take it over or to do that as a separate service down the track.. invoicing per hour at a low rate. However I still have a certain amount to learn about plone… and soon wordpress so its worthwhile.. and of course the site needs content in the first place. There are probably a bunch of shortcuts I have not found yet…found a couple. And Kathy has already done a lot of documentation on how to maintain it.

      One glitch with your stuff btw is that brushcutters are apparently 1 single item that is mailed as 2 boxes. But you knew this didn.t you. I have no idea how Kathy is going to handle that one. But it will require some actual programming

      We are starting on the plantsupplies.com.au site for Marky at the moment… got to be some way to get your two sites to link together somehow… be a bit more dynamic. I mean you cuts em.. he grows them. Or something.

      Can I talk you into doing the sprint series this year?

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