Its election time.

Oh boy this is going to be a tough one. Julia cannot be trusted. Already posted on that subject here. And some of her maths is decidedly odd. She seems to be giving away rather more money than she actually has. But on the plus side she is the prettier candidate, seems personable and likable, seems to have only run 20% or so over reasonable costs in her job running school upgrades (can you spell Miki?) and is definitely not dumb.

The opposition led by Abbott hold political views to the right of my own. … slightly to the left of Hitlers. No that is slightly unfair of me but Abbott is on the record as having rejected the government’s fairly pathetic climate policies and as having moved the party to the right. The opposition are also against the resources tax which I strongly support.. and I am already disenchanted by Julia,s weakened stance on that issue. They are getting hammered by union adds on the likelihood of Abbott bringing back workchoices under another name which while alarmist in the extreme is somehow rather convincing. I can see Abbott making the same mistake twice somehow. And Abbot is getting hammered for his poor understanding of economics. Which is interesting because it seems to be Guillard making all the big spending promises.

Abbott to me comes across as a weaselly shifty creep. But that is entirely my impression based on seeing him on TV. Means nothing compared to how he does his job. Its Julia that has stabbed her boss in the back after all

The Greens are likely to have rather more power after this election. Although you need to be careful where your preferences go.

To my mind the most important issue this election is Internet Censorship. I have spoken on this before here and here . Stephen Conroy is the current Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy. His position on internet censorship is that he is highly in favor. The family first nutters have significant power in politics in Australia and a so not in favor of internet freedom. Conroy is as I have said in the past, “the wrong man in the wrong job in the wrong century”

Its not my ability to trowel for porn that I am worried about. Any filter the government puts up is going to take me about 5 seconds to get through. Open proxy anyone. No its your ability in the future to become informed about nastier effects of the government policy and the like that matters. Not to mention the waste of money involved in slowing the interweb. And of course the fact its a stupid idea that speaks to a lack of understanding of the technologies involved by a so called ‘broadband’ minister. A broadband minister with narrowband ideas. Heh… I like that.

Want to beat an internet filter? There you go Hope your connection is fast enough to see it.

This is how I will decide my vote anyway. And no I have not yet decided. But this issue is the decider for me


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    elefunksoup Says:

    Can you spell Myki? 😉

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    And the lovely.. er, pretty… er… interesting and smart, Sally has expanded on my points in her own blog

    The party I have the most contempt for in this election… and yes thats a hard call.. is one of the so called ‘christian value’ parties. As far as I can see ‘Christian Value’s are espoused somewhat by nutters who are against abortion and will kill people to make that point.

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