Thank God (or other deity of choice ) that the whole election thing is over. Except that it isn’t of course. But at least last week is over. Last week was intense. I had two or three jobs on that just took hugely more time that I can possibly charge for them. Still its all good. It just made for a really really tough week.

I ended up voting pretty much for the Sex Party. No I am serious. I liked their preferences… loved their add and I think pretty much that whatever the hell someone does with another consenting adult of whatever gender or species is probably none of my business. And I was not voting the majors so…

Family first came last. Really, Bunch of Killjoys they are. They took a beating this election. They pretty much push the line that whatever the hell anyone does with another consenting adult absolutely is their business. Some of the nastiest people I have ever met have been the extreme religious and I think Family first push that envelope a bit. Probably offending many readers here. Sorry. Of course my opinions may not be the same as everyone’s opinion at Perfect Notes IT

Effectively my vote was for the greens. Mostly agree with the Greens. Bunch of silly idealists but not all that much wrong with that. There is certainly a joke lurking about the Sex Party and votes for it leading to a hung parliament.. but my wide eyed naive innocence is preventing me from seeing it.

Conroy looks like keeping his job. Curses. Maybe I will send him a book. The dummies guide to the internet?

Data recovery.
I am going to put all the weird commands we use on salvaged drive data into a program..probably in C++
. It will dump every file fragment under say 16 Kb.. they are never useful data, and sort all the rest into appropriate directories. Be useful and get the data down to a size thats a lot easier for the machines to cope with. Then we need something that will go through the docs.. pull out useful data to rename em with and automagically do that. And something that can do the same with pics… maybe pull the date out of JPGs that encode the date.. rename the file with that. That should make it easier to cull system data from personal data. Anyone with any ideas do feel free to comment. If I can just get the thing to automagically dump porn it would not hurt.. not likely to be possible.. how to distinguish between porn and art? I may not know much about art but I know what I like?

Cycling.. Managed maybe 250 klicks or so this week. All of it in the rain. Lots of wear on wheel rims.. what can one do? Look at the bike and it would start raining. Won a tram race. Tram racing is my favorite commuter sport.

DISC tonight. Me and the rest of Team Splat! I have to get some Team Splat jerseys made.. any expressions of interest?

Some pics from tonight. Sally on the front of a paceline, me and Jenny hanging on at the back. Moi coming around someone, Jenny,

Paceline DISC



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