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“…..and so Adieu”

October 29, 2010

Or not!!!!

As the result of certain (fingers in the air making quotation marks ) ‘creative differences’ we have decided on some changes to this blog. The blog as it stands now has been moved and will become my private platform for whinging and comment. It will henceforth be known as …… roll of drums…. “The Percrime Chronicles”.

THe Percrime Chronicles are located over on google’s blogger. In my view a better blogging platform in any case. This version will become your more traditional business blog.. co written.. at this point by Kathy and I, (probably mostly by Kathy) and fiercely devoted to marketing. There will be a significant styling change.

Its been fun. Apparently however its not allowed to be fun. It has to be work. I hope some of my readers follow me over to blogger. And as to the rest of you.. see you at work.