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More spam emails…

June 27, 2011

Well, we all get them. We all try to ignore them. Sometimes we are lucky and our spam filters work – but sooner or later, one is going to slip through…
So – what are the latest spam emails that I know about?
United Parcel Service Notification – if you get one of these, remember that it’s very unlikely that the parcel delivery service has your email address, so do not click on any link – they don’t know about you, anymore than you know about them!
Next – PayPal have yet again restricted my service… or something like that…. Again – NEVER click on the link in an email to update your details – go back to the original URL and follow the links.
I have had multiple emails over the last couple of weeks “Re: Career Finders” – another email telling me how I can make millions at home with very little work….
So – what prompted this post? One that just arrived – “Notification from Microsoft Outlook”. So, why do I think that this one might catch people out? Well, it says that it is from – which looks like a reasonable address for this sort of email. And a lot of people will be using Outlook Express – I know of a number of my customers who use this product – so it might catch them out. So, please – remember the golden rule – NEVER click on the link in an email to update/renew/revise/review any details – legitimate businesses will tell you to log in and update your details, because that way you know that it’s going to be the real deal.
So – stay safe in our cyber world – and if you have any questions, post them here and we will either answer them or point you to the authority who can tell you what the deal is.