And again, the spam emails keep on coming…

So, following up on this topic, here are some of the recent spam/phishing emails received by Perfect Notes. Remember, never access your internet bank via an email link, never give anyone an email with all your personal, identifying details (allowing identity theft), and no – it’s really unlikely that you actually won the British Lottery – particularly if you never bought a ticket…

Please note – the images below go outside the normal edges of the blog, so that you can read them easily.  Also note that they are images.  Done at about the minimum resolution that makes them reasonably readable to keep the download size small.  You cannot catch anything or click on anything bad in this post.  It would be the height of bad manners for us to allow that.

    1. The British Lottery (identity theft) – asking for ALL your identifying details:
      1. Email 1:


      1. Email 2: (after you don’t respond and they send you enough! of the initial version)


      1. Email 3: (the next step up!)


    1. Account Verification (phishing – which is pretending to be someone else to get your details)
      1. Commonwealth Bank (I do not have any accounts with them):


      1. And here is the source (the background code, that tells the internet where to actually send you) – with the part underlined that shows it is not really from the Commonwealth Bank:


      1. Westpac Bank:


      1. And here is the source, showing that this one does not come from Westpac either


      1. And for some variety – a similar one from Optus:


    1. And these ones just sound suspicious – so do not click the links:

Some of us (like Perfect Notes) have and use webmail – but that does not make these emails any more reasonable:

    1. Upgrade your webmail… or not!:


    1. And another version of this:


    1. And one that threatens deactivation if you do not click:


    1. And the source which shows that it is suspicious:


    1. And this one is just a standard spam email – note that ‘they’ have been browsing many sites… but the general outline is the same


So… a sample of the latest scams/spams making the rounds… Please do not let them trick you!
If you have any concerns, send them through to us – we can check them out for you.


  1. 1
    kathym9 Says:

    And, for anyone interested, the staff at Perfect Notes have won the 4 prizes available in the British Lottery at least 20 times between us… Which on its own would be enough to make you wonder about the legitimacy of the notifications!

  2. 2

    Add them to our collection.
    Let me add.. if they have some sort of field saying anything like “Do you want to keep receiving these mails click YES or NO! DONT!!! Remember the code behind the buttons can do whatever the programmer wants. You know how NO means NO? Not in programming it doesn’t

  3. 3
    kathym9 Says:

    And the other gotcha is the ‘unsubscribe here’ link. If a spam email says ‘Click here to ensure you do not receive any more emails from us’ – or something to that effect – do NOT click on it!

    The moment you click on a link like this, the spammers know that it is a real email address, and you are guaranteed to get many, many more spam emails!

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