Comments on diet – or at least, a way of eating

“If you eat potatoes you might as well eat candy. Potatoes contain glucose units in a chain, which is converted to sugar in the GI tract. Such a diet causes blood sugar, and then the hormone insulin, to skyrocket.”

This quote appeared just over a month ago, and reminded me that it has now been over a year since I changed what I eat. And, if you have seen the cycling pictures of me recently, it was a very beneficial change. Now, officially I have changed to a (mostly) Paleo diet – although that term is controversial for some experts – except there are some things that I cannot give up, so not strictly Paleo. Being lactose intolerant, I have been drinking lactose free milk for a fair while as well, so I guess that I have not had a ‘standard’ diet for a long time – but it is the removal of most bread/rice/pasta from what I eat that has allowed me to slim down. Not owning scales, I can’t tell you exactly how much lighter I am, but I have definitely dropped inches off most of my body – which is very welcome!

The other totally surprising part of this is that you don’t worry about fat on meat – obviously, you don’t go looking for fatty cuts of meat, but you don’t have to check that everything is fat free. I half-expected this to negate the weight loss, but I’ve still trimmed down. And guilt-free bacon and eggs is wonderful, too.

So – this is the first of a series of quick blog posts that I’ll do about the changes I’ve made. Are you going on a similar journey? Is it working for you? What changes did you make? Please add your comments below. Thanks.

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