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December 10, 2013

A rev for a client today.   Go and have a look at their site.   We did most of it and I,m pretty proud of it.  And I am very interested  in seeing if my vast readership all rushing off and visiting a client site shows up in the analytics.

TBST…. Total Businesses Services and Training 0ffers Government Funded  and Fee paying nationally accredited and recognized qualifications.    Nationally recognized qualifications are vitally important when seeking employment.     The TBST office is located in   Docklands but they provide training to the whole of Australia.

TBST delivers the Certificate IV Bookkeeping, Certificate IV Accounting and Certificate IV Business Administration qualifications as well as MYOB Training short courses via flexible distance learning. They offer government-funded training that can save students thousands as well as fee paying places with affordable 6 month interest free payment plans.

TBST’s courses are delivered flexibly by distance learning, in other words  online education; allowing  students to better manage the demands of work, family and study.  TBST’s course content and assessments build directly on, and add value to,  students work-based activities.  The TBST Certificate IV Bookkeeping and Accounting Qualifications provide students with the educational qualification required under the BAS Services Provider Legislation. There are other requirements under the new legislation and linking to the Tax Practitioners Board will assist with any questions you may have about the other requirements.’s

Their feature rich website is a Plone site (by that well know Web development company ‘Perfect Notes’ and hosted by Mr Brewer at ABOC.) Plone is a content management system, like Drupal and WordPress   but with more features and scalability than either. And probably a little less user-friendly. Plone is of course what PerfectNotes (and not too many other web developers) specialize in it.

Currently this blog is a wordpress site.  It’s what wordpress does best.  And yes of course we could hang it off our PerfectNotes plone site.   Sometimes you go with whats easiest.

So if you are the slightest interested in looking at a complex  Plone site,  or if you are interested in pursuing a ‘Government Funded‘ career change,  or for that matter just to help us learn more about Google Analytic oddness’s then go,  follow the links and have a look.

Networking – does it work?

December 1, 2010

One of the issues that Perfect Notes has with getting Virtual Assistant customers is trust – if a business hires a Virtual Assistant and the relationship works, the VA is going to learn a LOT about the business! So, necessarily, you have to be sure that you trust the person who is going to be doing your work. But… in this modern world, most people come to your website to work out whether they want to use your services. Which is totally reasonable – but how do you convince someone who is reading your website that you are trustworthy? I mean, I could write all sorts of words, but how do the people looking at the page know that we are not snake oil salesmen? I have not yet found a solution to this question, although this will be focused on more when the website is rewritten (hopefully by the New Year) – but part of the solution is to actually meet potential customers face to face, to build a relationship and let people get to know us – hence the fact that Perfect Notes often attends networking events.

Do they work? Well, I would have to say yes. 30% of Perfect Notes’ customers came from networking of one kind or another.

Are they hard work? Well – for me they are – for a lot of people they are just fun, because they are people who love chatting to other people, so it’s just an extension of that, talking about their business. But the more I do this, the better I am at talking to people about how we can help them and the more comfortable I am with the whole process – so it’s all good. And every time I speak to someone about the business problems we can help them to solve, that potential business relationship is happening and the possibility of building enough trust to allow access to business knowledge – which is the only way that potential customers can learn who we are and what we stand for.

So – if you see us out and about, come and say hi – if we can’t help you, maybe you can help us – not all business relationships are as customer and supplier – partnerships are possible too!

On the other hand – does your business need to establish a face-to-face relationship with your customers? If so, think about networking – it really can work for you, as well as for us. And if you want to know some of the details, talk to me – it can’t hurt to have more information, surely?